Custom Metal Work

[lead]Custom metal fabrication is the building of metal structures by cutting, bending and assembling processes. The construction of these structures can be from various raw materials.[/lead]

Fence Custom 1

Whether the final use is going to be decorative, structural or artistic, we have the equipment, experience and skills to design and fabricate various types of metal for use in any commercial, industrial or residential project.

We adhere to building codes and use industry best practices.

We ensure your involvement from the design through to project completion.

Give us a call to discuss your special project, so we can develop a solution to fit your budget.



Balustrade 1

We can fabricate and powder coat a variety of materials for any balustrading project you have.

If it is a retail, commercial or residential application, our balustrading is built to last and provide the finishing touch to your home or business.